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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 

PAPAYA Restaurante was designed by the Costa Rican architecture firm, Studio Saxe.

Its proposal, based on the conception of the space by Elena Rohrmoser, which was inspired by the Bar Luce Café of Fondazione Prada, Milan, a retro cafe/bar designed by the American film director Wes Anderson (1969)

From an architectural point of view, Studio Saxe began with an exploration of options offered by the indigenous architectural designs of Costa Rica. To do so, they used traditional materials such as wood, straw, bamboo and wild cane. With this idea in mind, they designed a curvilinear structure with large eaves that encompass the restaurant area. The fluid shapes generated by this structure not only evoke traditional local constructions, but also generate an open and organic space that integrates with the natural landscape and fosters a kind of welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

From an atmospheric point of view, Papaya Restaurante evokes a movie set.

For this reason, its decoration has Art Deco accents and is reminiscent of American diners from the 50s, but reinterpreted with a hybrid character typical of the tropical scene, as seen in the screens and lamps designed by the Costa Rican artist Oscar Ruiz-Schmidt.

To carry out the project, the furniture and decoration of the Restaurant, Elena and her mother worked with several Costa Rican designers and artisans.

Lollygagger Chaise
Loll Designs

These pool beds and their furniture
are made with recycled materials to
withstand the outdoor climate.

Chandelier over the Bar

Natasha Nokin (FRA)

Usando varios materiales, como cristales antiguos de un candelabro familiar, una colección de conchas y piezas de Natasha y beads de una cortina de la habitación de Elena cuando era adolescente.

Crochet hanging lamps

Oscar Ruiz-Schmidt (CRC)

Bar Dorado

Designed by Elena Rohrmoser
Luis Rubino (Santa Furia)
and Mariana Arrea

Puertas de Formica

Inspired by the 70’s Italian design.
Manufactured by Mariana Arrea

Cabinas de vinilo naranja

Luis Rubino (Santa Furia)
under the Creative Direction
of Elena Rohrmoser

Sillas Tropicana

Inspired by mid-20th century design, this chair was originally made for the Tropicana Pavlova Suite, but is now our signature dining chair in the Restaurant


At Hotel AGUAS CLARAS, our Food and Beverage concept revolves around FUN DINING.

We don't believe in following stereotypes, our goal is to be truthful and delicious...
Simple but delicious, our menu was designed with the spirit of the Hotel.
It is a reflection of our beliefs, the Caribbean and the things we love.