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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 

The Magnolia is Elizabeth's favorite flower, which is why this house was named that way and has its particular stamp.

The Magnolia genus includes about 35 plant species, almost all of them originating from different regions of the northern hemisphere such as the United States, Japan, some regions located between the Himalayas and the island of Java, and also from Central America and Mexico. But this species is in danger of extinction and hence the importance of raising awareness about its conservation.

Mirror Frame, 2018

Elizabeth Steinvorth

Pieces of wood washed by the sea with resin

The layout of this house evokes the old houses of AGUAS CLARAS.
Consistent with her philosophy of reusing waste materials, Elizabeth placed mirrors with frames designed and made by herself in the bathroo of each of the rooms.
One of them was made from small pieces of wood that were washed by the sea, and the other was assembled from jar lids and glass, held together with resin.

“Llanto del Sol”,  2014

Herbert Bolaños

Yusen fiber technique natural linen

“Trópico”, 1973

Francisco Amighetti


Mirror Frame, 2018

Elizabeth Steinvorth

Metal lids with resin-sealed fabric base

Mosaics (2 pieces) in the bathrooms

Antonio Doninelli &
Elizabeth Steinvorth.
made by Laura Sáenz