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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 


Upon arriving at the Hotel, you will be greeted by a white tower that resembles a small castle which is normally called “wind tower” or “vent”, this tower crowns the building where the Hotel Lobby is located.

It is a Victorian-Caribbean structure that aims to rescue the heritage of Colonial-English, Costa Rican Caribbean and Bocas del Toro architecture.

In 1981, the Limón earthquake seriously affected these areas and also their architecture.

Our tower is a tribute to this cultural heritage. The work was directed by architect José Brenes, who was in charge of all the Victorian/Caribbean works of the Hotel.

The eclectic design of the interior of the reception is one of the most distinctive of the hotel, a kind of omen of what the experience in this place will be like.
The simultaneous coexistence between objects of diverse styles, created in different times and places, generates a unique atmosphere.

Upon knowing their origin, it soon becomes evident that all of them are interconnected by ancient stories that were part of the exchange and intense commercial and cultural activity that took place in the Costa Rican Caribbean and in Puerto Limón, and also in the Pacific area of the country, some of them starring migrant relatives of Elizabeth and her daughter Elena.

“Dos Aguas”

Fused Glass Piece designed by Costa Rican artist, Natalia Philips (Glassmateria)

It represents the relationship between Mother and Daughter as a symbol of unity, strength and joy.

Three ceramic vases by the Costa Rican artist, Vivian Araya Gamboa (Pez Cocinado) inspired by the marine fauna of the Caribbean.

Art Nouveau style Chandelier

which probably arrived to Limón from Europe at the beginning of the 20th century; its rope was re-designed by the Owner, Elizabeth

Modernist Style
wooden Sideboard

of Spanish origin with ceramic sheets and floral decorations.

It belonged to Elizabeth's Grandmother

Imperial Clock

Solid bronze with French Rococo style qualities and enameled porcelain from the Italian Factory “Farbel” founded in 1966.

“Stencils on watercolor paper”

Herbert Bolaños, Costa Rican Artist

He works the Katagami technique (Paper Stencils). Bolaños learns the techniques with the paper masters in Japan and then decides to be inspired by combining Japanese traditions with his own pre-Columbian and Latin American traditions in his work.

Georgian Style
(1714 - 1795)

It has two carved lion heads with its paws and claws at the end.

“La Mer”

1912 Watercolor Lithographs
of Elizabeth's Grandmother.

They transport Paris to the Belle Époque, a period in which women could be freer and refrain from wearing corsets.

Mirror Mosaic Pieces

Made with shells and small pieces of ceramic by Natasha Nokin, a French artist and designer residing in Puerto Viejo, who has also created many other important works in the Hotel.