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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 

Elizabeth wanted to honor the Bribri language in danger of disappearing, since a large majority of the original inhabitants of Costa Rica live in the province of Limón, in the areas of Talamanca and in the Southern Caribbean.


It is an ode to the Bribri and the native peoples who inhabit the current territory of Costa Rica.

“Happy Hour”
“Iridescent Flower
Vase &  Unicorn”
“Martinelli’s Apple Juice & Flowers”

3 Still Lifes, 2020
Elena Rohrmoser

Color pencil on watercolor paper

“Iridescent Flower
Vase & Unicorn”
, 2020

Elena Rohrmoser

Color pencil on watercolor paper

Pillows, 2020

Seven pieces by Elizabeth Steinvorth

Crochet and two cotton thread needles

“Mariposas Inmortales”

Backrest coverlet

Collaborative piece by:
Elena Rohrmoser, Elizabeth Steinvorth & Fabián Alvarado

Print of botanical illustrations intervened with watercolor and framed with reused wood

“Hibiscus”, 2020

Elizabeth Steinvorth


Two Illustrations
of local birds
, 2019

Christian Wedel

Acuarela y Lápiz de Color sobre papel

#4 & #10, 2019

Fabián Alvarado

Digital Printing, Collage and mixed media