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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 

A virtual project for the Documentation
and Exhibition of works of art in the Hotel.

This is a tool to show all interested people,
the details and history of this place and its objects.

Our goal is for you to enjoy a learning process
through a tour of our spaces and our collection
of works of art.

The project began in 2021 with the initiative of
Elizabeth Steinvorth (Founder) to archive and exhibit
the works of art she has made, collected, and
dignified; giving them an honorable place in the Hotel
to be appreciated by all who visit and contemplate.


The research process to name each work with its respective technique year, artist and other technical details was commissioned by Gabriela Sáenz, a family friend, Art Historian and Curator.

The translation of the document and its synthesis was carried out by Elena Rohrmoser, Co-Founder and Creative Director.


The website was designed by Fabián Alvarado, Co-Creative Director and Designer