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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 


The flower house and the place for most of the watercolors painted by Elizabeth Steinvorth, which are specially distributed in this house and in various areas of the Hotel.

A space to enjoy life in solitude, as a couple or in community, since it is the house with the greatest capacity; accommodating up to 10 people.

FLORALIA is part of the group of houses from the old Hotel Aguas Claras; one of the three that preserve the original structure of the old buildings.

Its two floors were restored and expanded for the convenience of guests.


Elizabeth Steinvorth

“Reinas de la Noche”

Elizabeth Steinvorth


Elizabeth Steinvorth


Elizabeth Steinvorth

The almond table in the center of the room is made with pieces of wood that appeared abandoned when the old houses on the property were demolished and that Elizabeth decided to re-use to create it.

The Caribbean-style wooden chairs were recovered from the old houses of the Aguas Claras Hotel and restored to make them to use.

Rose Mirror Frame
made from egg cartons

Elizabeth Steinvorth

The Lithograph from the “Animalia” series by the London-based, Costa Rican artist Mauricio Ortiz, called “Gallus Marines”.

It is the result of a wallpaper installation the artist made for “Freedom,” a former bar in London's Soho that was conceived by art director and fashion designer Roland Mouret in the 1990s, where he exhibited the collection of his first brand “People Corporation”

Mirror frame
Magazine paper rolls

Elizabeth Steinvorth

Paintings by Christian Wedel from his series:

“Planeta Salvaje”

Installations with wooden pieces recycled from the former urban landscape of the old Hotel Aguas Claras

Christian Wedel

These are located in the two rooms upstairs

Night tables with “Decoupage

Elizabeth Steinvorth