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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 

DA Lime Beach Club

Very casual in its style, DA Lime is a bar/restaurant
located between the Hotel and the beach.

Suggestively meaning “the party” or “the gathering” in Limón Creole or Patois, the Beach Club offers a cozy space to gather and enjoy.

The building that houses it was a simple two-story wooden house that Elizabeth remodeled and restored respecting its initial architecture.
The interior design is fun and retro with a color palette inspired by the jungle that surrounds the house.

The Garden was designed by Costa Rican landscape designer Carmen Sasso Gordienko

“Hacia el Mar / Desde el Mar”

is a mirror installation on the way to the beach
by owner Elena Rohrmoser and Fabián Alvarado.

The idea of this installation is to invite the visitors to experience themselves as part of the landscape in which they are immersed; engaging through mirrors, in the act of their presence and awareness.