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Hotel Aguas Claras ©2023 


This house is an ode to cocoa, the agricultural product responsible for generating one of the most recognized pleasures for human beings throughout the world: chocolate.

The particular setting that this house offers makes it one of the most special in the hotel in terms of its eclectic decoration, a result of the cultural dynamics and the confluence of cultures that has boosted the production and export of cocoa throughout the Caribbean.

Upon entering the central space that combines the living room, dining room and kitchen, we are greeted by a unique atmosphere in a single space. In this they masterfully combine sobriety and elegance with a comforting and pleasant warmth. Everything gathered in this house leads us to live a particularly pleasant experience.

Chaise Lounge

Mahogany, 19th century

Selection of antiques by Elizabeth Steinvorth

Writing or library table

with wooden floral inlays,
Louis XVI era 19th Century

Selection of antiques by Elizabeth Steinvorth

Wooden Mirror, XX

Decorative Art
Elizabeth´s Collection

Wooden table

Elizabeth Steinvorth

Hanging lamps, 2019

Natasha Nokin

Made of gourd with shells, coconuts and crystals

Violet, 2003

Oil on linen

Mauricio Ortiz

Bathroom mosaics


Elizabeth Steinvorth,
Antonio Donnelli,
& Laura Sáenz